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Square Box: a game with the ball falling in a box.

You have twenty maps to complete the game.
Each map is a box that rotates in the sky.
The player controls the box not the ball.
You can rotate the box to the right or to the left and you can overturn the box.
If you use the “reversal” command the kinetic forces are canceled and the ball changes trajectory.
On each map you will find small yellow boxes, these will give you the green arrow to move to the next map.
You will also find obstacles, for example you will never have to touch black balls or gears.
To protect you, you can use shields, or you can change your position with the white ball (instant swap).
You can also use the rings to push the black balls away.
You will need to use the intelligence more than the instinct and you will need quick reflections and a lot of patience.

User Manual

System Requirements:

  • PROCESSOR Intel Core i3 3.4 GHz (or equivalent compatible with XNA math library).
  • WINDOWS 10 (64-bit).
  • RAM: 4 GB.
  • GRAPHICS CARD 1 GB compatible with SHADER MODEL 4.0.
  • DIRECTX version 11.0.
  • HARD DISK: 126 MB.

Inputs: Mouse and keyboard.

The game uses the resolution of your desktop in full screen or windowed mode automatically.
The game has been tested up to a maximum desktop resolution of 1920×1080.
You can not start the game if for any reason the sound card is not ready (or the jack is not connected).

The following commands are available in the menu:

  • PLAY: Play the last map of the previous session or resume the current match.
  • NEW: Start from the first map (The progress of the game will not be lost).
  • LOAD: Select a map from the unlocked ones.
  • EXIT: Immediately comes out of the game by saving the number of the current map for the PLAY command.

Commands available in the game:

  • SPACE BAR: Skip the transition from the menu to the map.
  • ESCAPE/PAUSE: Go back to the menu.
  • ARROW KEYS/MOUSE BUTTONS: Rotate or overthrow the map.
  • MOUSE WHEEL/KEYS + -: Approach the map.



The game may seem difficult in some situations.

First, try to figure out how to use the available resources, such as the shield or the white ball. So he looks at the map as it is done, the walls, the gears, the pipes, all these things are not random, but there is a functional logic to the difficulty and solution of the map.

Ball movements seem unpredictable and in fact the ball is very sensitive to the stresses of the structure; You must pay attention not to rotate the map in special situations where there is a danger near and your ball is in support.


If you have established a connection with the white ball, remember that swapping is not effective if your ball and the white are both close to a black ball; Or if the white ball has entered a pipe. Try to keep the white ball between you and the black one.

Remember that the shield and the rings allow you to touch the gears. But when using the rings without the shield you do not have to hit the black ball.

Lastly, keep in mind that the reversal command is not always useful, indeed in some maps you do not have to use it because the rings are released!


List updated periodically in relation to the comments left on the Steam store.

  • Why does the game switch from fullscreen to windowed mode?

Because you have opened a Windows notification, or another desktop program has appeared. Wait 30 seconds and the game will return to fullscreen automatically.

  • Why does the game stop and exit without explanation?

Any error will be written to a text file that will open automatically (you can search it in the game’s root directory).

  • How do I change the game resolution?

You have to change the desktop resolution. You only have to do this if you have problems with fluidity due to a monitor frequency not optimal for the game (Problem with V-sync); Or if the game does not activate fullscreen mode.

  • What is the best resolution for this game?

Choose a 16: 9 resolution for the desktop with a frequency of 60 Hertz.

  • Why does the box look squared but deforms during rotation?

The desktop resolution is not available at 60 Hz, so the game chooses another resolution and this may be in contrast to the display of the monitor if, for example, use a 4: 3 ratio.
Try changing the desktop resolution.

  • I just downloaded the game but my antivirus prevents me from playing, why?

This is a false alarm, the game does not contain viruses, in fact, most antivirus programs do not report anything about it.

  • If I can not run the game what should I do?

Check the minimum game requirements. If you read the error message that the game returns to you, write it in your comment on the SQUARE BOX store page.
If I can solve your problem, I will update the build of the game.


  • How can we contact you directly?

You can not contact me.