Welcome to my site.
After many years of writing software for passion, I realized that I could use my talent to create video games for a large audience.
I believe in God and thank him for everything I have done so far.
So I decided to create video games that respect the values ​​of evangelical morality.
In my games you will not be able to use weapons and there will be no offensive words.
I have built a three-dimensional graphical engine, “DOMINATOR”, which will allow me to transform all my fantasy of the game into a visible experience for the player.
My first game, “SQUARE BOX”, is just a little anticipation of what the DOMINATOR engine can do.
DOMINATOR’s Steam debut will prove its impeccable, fluid and realistic graphics.
I thank all Steam customers that will buy my games and will support me to continue.
On this site you will find all the useful information about my games, updated periodically in relation to the comments left on the Steam store.
Thank you for your kind attention.